Foundation Course (IMI)  17 Hours

This is an IMI Accredited course for those who wish to gain the basic knowledge and skills to start in the Auto Electrical Installation Industry and for those who want to refresh their learning then this course is there to remind you of the basics

Chapter 1 : Electrical principles that are related to vehicle electrical circuits:

Current (AC and DC), Ohms law, Voltage, Power, Resistance and Conductivity,Electrical Components in series and Parallel, Electrical units and symbols, Electrical and electronic terminology. Voltage Drop (Kirchoffs Voltage and Current Laws),Trouble shooting: Voltage Drops, Short Circuits, Open Circuits, Causes. Use of Electrical Meters, including acceptable test equipment for current vehicles.


Chapter 2 : Vehicle Electrical Components

Resistors, Relays, Diodes, Potentiometers, Fuses and Circuit Breakers, Cables, Vehicle batteries including, Primary and Secondary Batteries, low maintenance and maintenance free, lead acid and nickel cadmium types, cells, separators, plates, electrolyte.

1hr. 10min.

Chapter 3 : Automotive Electrical Circuits

Wiring Categories: Battery, Ignition, Accessory, Start.  Charging Systems: Alternator, Rectifiers, Smart Charging sytems. Multiplexing: Canbus, Linbus, MOST, Flexray. Uses and reason why Multiplexing used Safety Systems: Airbags, SRS, ABS, ESP, Traction Control

2hrs. 0min.

Chapter 4 : EPV – Electrically Propelled Vehicles - Level 1

EPV Types & Differences, Hybrid, Electric, PHEV, Alternative Fuels, How to identify Hazards: Recovery, Charging, Transportation, Working around, Work safely on Low Voltage Identify: HV (High Voltage) system parts, HV Cables, HV Range, Make safe Low Voltage.

2hrs 30min.

Chapter 5 : Basic Antenna Theory

Optimal positioning and cable routing for Antennas including: GSM, GPS, LTE


Chapter 6 : Basic Installation Practice - Introduction

Process: Preparation, Installation (Planning Pre-Install), Installation Procedure, Post Installation

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 7 : Pre-Installation - Preparation

Vehicle Survey, Fixing of Equipment, Legal & Safety Requirements (incl UNECE, CE, E Marking and the New UKCA Mark), Health & Safety at Work, Paperwork & Documentation, Installation Tools, Consumables Required.


Chapter 8 : Vehicle Arrival & Preparation

Vehicle Inspection – Body, Trim & Equipment Functionality, Dynamic Risk Assessment, Protect Vehicle, Remove Vehicle Parts, Drilling Practice

1hr. 35min.

Chapter 9 : Passenger Area Equipment

Considerations, Installation of: Radio, Transceiver, Telematics, Security Equipment, Loudspeaker, PTT Switch, Handsfree Mic, Display, User Interface, Camera, Glass-mount Antennas, Printer, Tablet Computer, GPS

1hr. 35min.

Chapter 10 : Boot or Locker Area Equipment

Considerations, Installation of: Transceiver, Telematics, Amplifiers, Computers, Lightbar/Siren Controller Unit, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Inverters/Converters, Power Management Systems


Chapter 11 : Roof or Body Mounted Equipment

Considerations, Installation of: Antennas, Warning Lights – Beacons, Lightbars etc…, Working Lights, Sensor Systems, Cameras, Towing Equipment, Sirens and Alerters


Chapter 12 : Cables and Routing

Supply, Size, Route – Cable Bending, Protection, Security, Termination


Chapter 13 : Post Installation

Test Installed Equipment, Preliminary Post Install Vehicle Check, Rebuild Vehicle


Chapter 14 : Vehicle Handover

Post Install Checks, Customer Training


Jason McComb


Jason is a time served engineer with over 30 years experience in working on vehicles.  He has worked for the past 14 years in learning & development, working with Nokia, Motorola,  Telent and FITAS.   

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