Why use a professional vehicle installer?

Thinking of taking the next steps towards improving technology or vehicle experience?

Sounds like a great idea. But…

What puts people off the idea of having the same choice and quality of experience in their vehicles as they do in their homes? Pretty much the same thing that puts them off upgrading the bathroom or the heating system at home. It’s not a job you can easily do yourself. If it goes wrong, things will probably be worse than they were before. And it’s very difficult to tell a professional plumber from a plausible rogue.

Soldering stuff on to vehicle electronics circuits is certainly not a job for an amateur. But, then, nor is adding a new ring main to a house or sticking a radiator in the new conservatory! Yet professional electricians and plumbers are doing it every day of the week, to the complete satisfaction of their customers.

Like professional electricians and professional plumbers, professional vehicle installers make their living understanding the peculiarities of automotive electronics. They have access to a variety of different products from different manufacturers, at different price points, to suit different vehicles, and offering differing levels of user experience to cope with different customer expectations.


We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

After all, not everybody wants a sub-woofer behind the back seat for the ultimate tooth-rattling drum and bass experience; some folks would be happy if they could just pause the cricket commentary while they stopped to fill the petrol tank, and resume it where they left off once they were back on the road. That’s what professionals are for. To give professional advice and professional service at a fee which reflects the amount of professional time they have to spend on each particular task.

One other important thing professional vehicle installers have: professional liability insurance. In this industry, £5m cover is not unusual. Important peace of mind for the customer. And an important differentiator between the true professional installer and the enthusiastic amateur. Don’t be afraid to ask for it: a professional won’t mind showing you, and an amateur shouldn’t be working on your car anyway.

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