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We offer a selection of Courses available to you as an Auto Electrical Installation Technician 

Our courses can be delivered in a variety of ways.  Our blended method of face to face, virtual, and E Learning will encourage the learner to engage and retain the information, allowing them to implement into their vocation.

Our face to face courses can be delivered at a venue of your choice (subject to conditions) or at our training centre in Bridgnorth

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Training (IMI)

We offer all Hybrid/Electric Course from Level 1 to 4 to accommodate any part of the industry.  We also offer Level 2 courses

5 IMI Courses

HGV Safety Systems Installation (IMI Accredited)

A course designed for any individuals involved in the installation of Camera, Sensor and Alert systems, to comply with FORS and DVS.

5 Modules

Blue Light Foundation (IMI Accredited)



1 Day Course

Antenna Theory

Learn about the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and Antenna Principles in this half day deminar

1 Course

Auto Electrical Foundation Course (IMI Accredited)

The Foundation Course offers an introductory course to Auto Electrical Installers to give them the knowledge and prove their skills. (17 Hours)

10 Modules 

Introduction to Auditing

For those who want further their learning in Auditing and Quality Assessements, a half day course in Auditing principles


Manufacturer Modules

We have a range of Modules specific for the Manufacturers who have registered with us. Please contact us if you require any information 

19 Courses

Our Bespoke training facility in Bridgnorth

Our Training centre is part of the Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology in Bridgnorth

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